blog along

Have you ever had one of those days when you have been bizzy all day, working slowly because what you're doing is distracting and each move involves doing something else?   Reminds me of one of those rules related to Parkinson's Law: "Before you do something you have to do something else."  You do all remember Parkinson's Law, don't you?  You also do know that I'm working with paper don't you?  Paperzzz.

Well, I had some neglected letters (yes, letters!) finally written and ready for me to mail and I was going to the bank, too, to pay my income tax, and I couldn't find the form I needed to make the payment.  Searching delayed me, discussing it with a nice teller called Daniel delayed me, deciding what to buy for dinner delayed me. I usually plan my meals ahead of time; I was feeling impulsive by now, pressured by these and other annoying, mundane delays. So I came home and picked up my mail and there was the tax form I needed, delivered today!  Oy.

Nothing drastic. Nothing dramatic. Just - nothing.  So why am I tired?

I don't think I'll write a blog tonight.