It has been a busy, stimulating week. I have a plethora of blogs to catch up on but first I had to catch up on me. I was tired. So I’ll just tell you what's coming:

Stratford: Marianne Brandis, a writer friend, has written a new book. More anon

Stratford: saw “Bunny” by Hanna Moscovitch, in the Studio Theatre

Stratford: talked to Manfred (forget his last name) the proprietor of Book Stage,a wonderful book store across the street from the Studio theatre

Shaw Festival: saw “Sweeney Todd”, Jackie Maxwell’s last directing stint as Artistic Director - really fine

Monsanto - more research necessary. Would like some feedback here

This will take a while, but I will do it.

Bear with me.

home again home again jiggety jig

It’s no big deal flying from Boston to Toronto, but by the time I got home, made lunch for Matt before he went home, unpacked, did  two loads of laundry, caught up with messages, put in a grocery order for delivery on Saturday, and planned the rest of the week, I am a mite tired, and content to be watching the Blue Jays, just sitting and vegging out.  

But it’s blog time.

Well, I still haven’t managed to assimilate all the throat-catching memories of my lake experiences, particularly those when my children were little and Bill was still with us. Time passes.  Smiles and nostalgia remain. All I’ve ever managed to advise people about this is very simple:  Cherish the moments.  

Tomorrow I go toStratford to see a new play in the Studio Theatre.  We’ll see how that goes.

Anon, anon.