here I am again

Sooo - today is the first day of the rest of Matt’s life. We got him transferred to a Reactivation Centre where he will learn to put his foot down on his pinned ankle and, I hope, lose weight, which will help his ankle, too. Then he will be transferred to a Rehab Centre to tone u his by that time atrophied muscles, and lose weight too, I hope.

Yesterday was busy. I must say one gets a different view of Toronto from an ambulance.. The weather was kind; the sun came out, and the view from his room, his home for the next six weeks, is lovely. So maybe I can relax and get back to work, allowing for a visit each day but less angst.

I was going to tell you my déja vu thought yesterday, including the account of my research for a screenplay about Matthew. I received a grant from Telelfilm Canada plus the assistance of an editor for a movie about an event in his life. It’s almost ready for production but few producers want anything to do with a story about a challenged young man who overcomes personal odds to achieve his goals. Pity. It’s a good one, the kind of role that made Leonardo Dicaprio a star - remember “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape “ ?

Visiting time. Catch you later.

That is, if you want to be caught.

there goes another day

I’m having trouble keeping track of time, not because I’m so busy but because my time is so differently arranged that I’m having trouble even knowing what day it is. Perhaps that will change. My son is going to be discharged today and taken to a Reactivation Centre to help him get his injured leg (ankle) functioning again. It’s not déja vu all over again but his situation reminds me of one in his past when he had to re-learn habits and actions we take for granted.

He was just coming up to his 18th birthday, so it was 40 years ago. He had suffered a breakdown - actually, a drug-induced psychosis courtesy of his special school which shall be nameless.


I have no time left now. I’ll be back.

Will you?