addicted adjective (usu. addicted to)physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance: she became addicted to alcohol and diet pills.• informal enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity: he's addicted to computers.  ORIGIN mid 16th cent   from the obsolete adjective addict:  bound or devoted (to someone’), from Latin addict- ‘assigned’, from the verb adducer, from ad- ‘to’ + dicere ‘say’. are - addictive.

I am an addictive personality.  But then, I think most human beings are.  I try to fight addiction  on whatever level an addictive substance or habit pops up in my life. but i's hard to fight all of them all of the time.  Like Aces Up.  When I got my latest computer with all new programs, I pretended that there was no Games app, or what ever it's labelled, because I was/am determined never to let it take over my time.  I had been spending far too much time playing.  I confessed that some time ago on an earlier blog and stated my intention to pretend it did not exist. I had a comment from an anonymous reader telling me he/she wished I had said that 18 years ago. 

Magnum Ice Cream Bars - are delicious and I could be addicted.  As with games, the best time to say no is the only time you get a chance to make it stick - at the source.  It's easier to say no once in the store than to try to say no at home when it's awaiting for you in the freezer. I can be strong-minded once but not three times (three bars in a package ). That's asking too much.

Take Facebook - as far away from me as possible.  I was lured into that addiction for two different reasons. One: I wanted to see what my grandchildren and the more remote family connections were up to by keeping track of their pictures and activities. Two: I was told by the few advisers I had left (most of my contacts are retired, dead or gaga) that it would be a good thing for me to get on Facebook in order to maintain or create (?) a professional presence. Big Mistake on both counts.

The kids have left Facebook to the grownups now, and my "Presence" is of no interest to the people who hang around Facebook.  I need readers not voyeurs.  

In the meantime, however, I had become sort of addicted to Facebook.  Somehow, it seems I had to know what 5 items I should never eat; Cuba Gooding's financial worth; the 100 best novels ever written; 52 places in the world I should see before I die or in 2018, whichever comes first; receive the shock of my life when I viewed the next picture; fall in love with the cutest puppy I would ever see;  well, you know: on and on and on.  As for friends, I didn't want to be friends with someone whose name I had never heard of, and as for those I had heard of, I wouldn't presume to butt in, and the friends I already had were already friends.  So.  But at the end of a session, I seemed to be reluctant to sign off and go about the business of the day or night and I ended up being late to work or to bed or whatever.  That's addiction, isn't it?

Games, ice cream, Facebook.  Baseball. Oh dear.

Yup. I'm addicted to the Blue Jays.  They're killing me and my good habits.  Did I ever have good habits?  You may have gathered that I frequently multi-task now as I watch a game and try to write a blog at the same time. All of us suffer. 

It's Sunday evening now and the game was this afternoon so you are getting my undivided attention. Was it worth it?