good news and bad news both the same

I saw my tax guy today and got the news. The good news is Ii don't owe much tax, In fact I owe more to my accountant than to the Feds. the bad news, of corse, is hat I made so little money last year and that's why I owe so little tax. It's not that I'm not writing. I's just that I'm not selling. 

i'm like Baujtista; I'm having a dry spell. I hope his doesn't last as long as mine has.  

I'm still not daunted, not totally. As a writer I have been trained all my life to tolerate delayed gratification. I just  hope it's not too delayed this time round.  I may be short of time. I am not short of paper. I just ordered more. I don't buy green bananas but I still buy a whole box of copy paper (white) plus a package each of pink yellow and blue, for second third and fourth drafts. The paperless society may work for other people but not for writers. We not only use a lot, we love it a lot, too.  And use it. And save it.

I remember the American writer Joan Didion once compared the little bits of writing that she saved on stray bits of paper to string. You save it and store it/wrap it until you have a ball of it (string) - and then what? 

I don't know. None of it is deathless, none of it means anything to anyone but me. Yet I save it  Perhaps I'll tell myself something I needed to know.  The University Of Manitoba Archives houses my files, tear sheets, early drafts, correspondence and so on. No  balls of string though. I wonder if I could sell them? Then I'd have to pay more tax.