Whoa - busy!  I finished my tax report, as you know, and I had time to change the sheets and clear a space in my closet for my daughter Kate who arrived from Boston that evening.  I had invited her to come and visit and see the Georgia O'Keeffe show at the Art Gallery (here in Toronto).  We enjoyed it - more than that!  Rich and absorbing, this dazzling woman's work is versatile, passionate, perceptive, accurate and  - well - artistic? It leaves one (me) buoyant and fulfilled with longing. Actually,  my Kate leaves me like that, too. She's smart and acute, too.

I told her the story of the screenplay I am working on during this six-month course I am taking and she has helped me with astute and constructive comments. I must take notes now, in fact.

Yesterday morning I was wound up tight with tax tension; now I am high with creation. No, I am not bipolar, just...moving on.   I'll do some homework now.  With any luck I'll check in tomorrow.

Don't hold your breath.