that was the year that was

I have just finished gathering and collating my papers for presentation to my tax accountant in the morning.  It's hard work for me; I'm not a numbers person. I like words, as you might have guessed. The interesting thing for me was reliving 2016.  The time was so packed that last spring seems longer ago than a mere year. It's another milestone. I used to wonder what I'd do without deadlines or milestones but they never seem to stop so neither do I.

I play another game you might be familiar with: what have you learned?  What have you learned since you were 60 (older?)?  What have you learned this week?  What did you learn today? Oh dear. If I confess to you what I learned today, promise not to laugh. I finally learned the value of the program called MINT.  I poked at it kind of half-heartedly over the last year, missing two or three months entirely. But today I found it useful to find transactions quickly.  I promised myself that I would not fail to report to MINT regularly.

 So that's good.