Checking in early today because I know what to do with my screenwriting assignment. Some times I have to ponder a lot.  You know when you're working a crossword puzzle and you can't get a word, you go away and come back and then the word comes sailing into your head and onto the page? Well, it's like that (if I'm lucky) with the writing. If I can't solve a problem right away, I let it simmer. A writer is never not writing, I'm happy (most of the time) to say. So...are you still with me?

I can write my blog first because  I know what i'm doing.  Very rare!

Several old-timers like me have commented or written me directly, if they know me, and most of my bloggers do know me - my only audience, in fact - several have written me telling me that can no longer lift a cast-iron pan. I must admit it takes me two hands with the strength of my arms behind them to life that pan with the roasting chicken.  However, that's not all that cast-iron pans are good for.  If you don't already have one, get a baby pan. If you live alone, the small pan will accommodate just about everything you want to cook, except that chicken, and you can lift it easily.  I just caramelised a mess of onions that had started to sprout of go soft.  They looked like too much to go into the small pan, but they shrink, and the closer confines encourage caramelisation.  The onions went into a vegetarian chill I made the next day. Waste not, want not.

SOW,I've been trying to remember the little verse that encouraged people to "salvage".  That was the word during the War (Two, dear, I'm not that old), long before recycle.  Does anyone remember it? I'm missing one line, or got it wrong, and I don't have them in the proper order:

Use it up

Wear it out

Make it do

Throw it out  (??not quite right)

Something like that .  Does anyone remember?

I looked it up. Of course.

"Use it Up, Wear it Out Make it Do or Do Without” is one of the great mantras of frugality."

It predates the war when it was a rallying cry. It was actually a  "mantra"  of the depression. I don't know why they don't quote it now in this great age of Recycling.