this is progress?

As some of you know, I'm taking a screenwriting course, six-months, online, heavy duty. I mean, it's serious and time-consuming with lots of homework. Some days, other things come first, less and less often, but I do have errands to attend to. Much is falling by the wayside. I'm going to be months recovering. I'll worry about that later.

Today I had a couple of errands and, one thing and another, I didn't complete my assignment before dinner. I had a cup of coffee while I watched the end of the news and then I sighed. I had to finish my homework. I recognized that sigh and the familiar combination of reluctance and resignation that went with it.

And then I realised: I'm right back at school, never left, in fact, still and always with homework and a deadline hanging over my head. Oh, dear.

And you, blog of my heart, you aren't helping.