Earlier this week I finished the 30-dray régime prescribed by the Whole30 program, not a “diet” as such, so it is claimed, but an introduction to a new way of life, and eating.  One is not allowed to weigh oneself until the 30 days are up nor does one count calories.  That doesn’t deliver the ease and relief you might think, not when you learn the restrictions.  Let’s state the positives first: you can eat fish, meat and eggs, vegetables and fruit, limited amounts of nuts and seeds…but here are the no-no’s:

NO gluten, or any wheat, flour, malt, and so on, that is, no bread

NO sugar – and you have to read every label. If you see sugar in the list of ingredients, it’s a no-no

NO legumes, beans, peas, chickpeas, etc.  But you are allowed peas and sugar snap beans

NO dairy products (learn to love ghee!)

And of course

NO wine or alcohol

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. 

It was weird at first.  I missed oatmeal porridge and cheese, and of course wine and chocolate. I love eggs but I ate far too many. I couldn’t think of anything else for breakfast.

Here’s the good news: I lost six pounds, I’m sleeping much better, between 6 and 8 hours a night (amazing!), and the pain in my lower back when I walk more than 1000 steps has eased, not gone entirely but I live in hope and I’ll exercise more – started pedalling on a stationary bicycle this week.  That means I start reading murder mysteries again. That’s the only way I’ll consent to sit there with no scenery.

It’s called Whole30 but it should be called Whole45 and then some, because the reintroduction of the foods you cut out has to be managed slowly, one at a time with a couple of days between each new one to check reactions. - to see which ones cause you sleep or back problems, whatever. (Sugar is a nemesis for a lot of people.)

See, I figure if I’m going to live a long time, and I already have, I might as feel as well as possible while I go on and on and on.