m is for maunder and meander

Also wonder and wander but they begin with W.

maunder verb
1 he maundered on about his problems: ramble, prattle, prate, blather, blether, blither, drivel, rattle, chatter, jabber, gabble, babble; Scottish & Irish slabber; informal gab, yak, yackety-yak, yabber, yatter; Brit. informal rabbit, witter, waffle, natter, chunter; archaic twaddle, clack.
2 she maundered across the road: wander, drift, meander, amble, dawdle, potter, straggle; Brit. informal mooch. 

That's me. That's what my cobweb log does, no, it's what I do in my cobweb blog.  Also

meander  verb: 1 the river meandered gently through the meadow: zigzag, wind, twist, turn, curve, curl, bend, snake.                   2 we meandered along the path: stroll, saunter, amble, wander, roam, ramble, rove, drift, maunder, stray, straggle; Scottish & Irish:  stravaig; Irish streel; informal mosey, tootle; rare 3 she meandered on about the difficulties: ramble, prattle, maunder, prate, blather, blether, blither, drivel, chatter, rattle, drift; Brit. informal witter, waffle, rabbit, natter.noun1 the river flows in sweeping meanders: bend, loop, curve, twist, turn, turning, coil, zigzag, oxbow, convolution; rare anfractuosity, flexuosity.2 a leisurely meander: wander, ramble, stroll, saunter, amble; informal mosey, tootle. OH, TOOTLE!  

Don't you love words?

wonder noun:  1 the sight left her speechless with wonder: awe, admiration, wonderment, fascination; surprise, astonishment, amazement.2 the wonders of nature: marvel, miracle, phenomenon, wonderful thing, sensation, sight, spectacle, beauty; curiosity, rarity, nonpareil.verb1 I began to wonder what was going through her mind: ponder, ask oneself, think about, meditate on, reflect on, deliberate about, muse on, speculate about, conjecture; puzzle about, be curious about, be inquisitive about; informal cudgel one's brains about.2 I wonder you were so patient with him: be surprised, express surprise, find it surprising, be astonished/amazed.3 people stood by and wondered at such bravery: marvel, be amazed, be filled with amazement, be filled with admiration, be astonished, be surprised, be awed, stand in awe, be full of wonder, be lost for words, not believe one's eyes/ears, not know what to say, be dumbfounded, gape, goggle, gawk; informal be flabbergasted, boggle.  BOGGLE!!

wander verb:  1 you can spend the afternoon wandering around the estate: stroll, amble, saunter, walk, dawdle, potter, ramble, maunder, meander; roam, rove, range, knock about/around, drift, coast,gallivant, gad about, prowl, mill about/around/round; trek, trudge, stretch one's legs; Scottish & Irish stravaig; informal traipse, mosey, tootle; Brit. informal mooch; rare peregrinate.2 he had wandered away from his mates | we are wandering from the point: stray, depart, diverge, veer, swerve, deviate, digress, vary, drift, get separated, get sidetracked, go wool-gathering; rare divagate.3 the child wandered off when we weren't looking: get lost, lose one's way, go off course, lose one's bearings, go astray, go off at a tangent.4 the narrow road wanders along the foreshore: meander, wind, twist, turn, curve, zigzag, bend, snake, worm.5 he was wandering now, his voice had dropped as he struggled to keep his thread: be incoherent, ramble, babble, talk nonsense, rave, be delirious.

noun:  stroll, amble, saunter, walk, roam, meander, dawdle, potter, ramble; gallivant, prowl, drift, maunder, promenade, constitutional; turn, breather, airing, trek, trudge; informal traipse, mosey, tootle; Brit. informal mooch; rare perambulation, peregrination.

Note meander and maunder which I emboldened in my peregrinations. Back where I started.  Who couldn't be a writer with a good dictionary and thesaurus?  Lovely lists.

Take your time.