l is for life

"Life is so daily. Why can't I get used to it?"

I'm quoting myself. That's a line from my play, Mark (1972).  It has been important to me but I have discovered that it reaches something in others as well because it is often repeated to me, most recently by my son's counsellor. That's why I am referring to it now. 

Dailiness with its pressures affects us all, each with its very own special pattern. When my children were very little, - three at home and one in kindergarten - I had a daily routine that I clung to, but even so, in those days before disposable diapers, the clean diapers would be piled on the sofa until I had a minute to fold them.  BDT - that was my basic daily list: Beds, Dishes, Tidy. Betty Friedan made a huge difference in my life. The Feminine Mystique was published in 1963 - HEY!   I wrote the pub date first and looked it up to check and I got it right!  Well! - Friedan said that any child can make a bed by the age of 8. I took her up on it. From then on the kids made their own beds except on Mondays when I changed the sheets.  As for my husband I made the rule, "Last one out of bed makes it."  Now, with a duvet, I just shake the bed to make it, except when I change the duvet cover. ( I hate doing that, but I have only me to blame - as of right now, well, later this evening. It's duvet changing day. I don't do it as often as I used to change sheets. I'm clean and I'm alone.)

This is how dailiness begins, and ends.  You really don't get to choose your burdens. I was going to say battles but that would be inaccurate.. Dailiness is a struggle but not a battle.  Cancer is a battle. But dailiness can be stressful, and it never stops. There's always another day to follow this one, I hope.  Without tomorrow where would you be?  I'm getting metaphysical.  I think i already covered this with I is for inexorable.  

Go back to patterns and pressures  - and possibilities.  Does that make you think of Solzhenitsyn? (1918-2008) Yes - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.  Now, that was a day!