home again home again jiggety jig

Ah, the wonders of modern travel! It's 5:04 a.m. and I am writing on my well-travelled laptop,as happy as I am to have speedy wifi once more.  I'm home, and I do have to get re-oriented, but I'm back in sync. I will be in my own pool at 6 a.m., without four currents and chop.  If all goes well, the groceries will be delivered between 7 and 8 a.m. I plan to spend the morning on the balcony reading the backlog of mail that was picked up regularly by my son and daughter-in-law, bless them.  And bless, them, indeed.  They met my plane, no easy thing at the airport with all the athletes and fans coming in for the PanAm Games that begin here in Toronto on July 10.  They took me to their home for a welcoming glass of wine and catchup.  Then on to my home, first to meet a new concierge who recognized my son but not me. 

What a welcome!  They had piled up the mail, yes, and watered my indoor Christmas cactus, and checked my fridge and stocked it with survival essentials and some interesting goodies as well (a saffron rice casserole, some good cheese and peppercorn crackers, Jasmine rice as well as eggs and butter, an orange,  - so generous and thoughtful!!).  They also unwrapped and arranged the balcony furniture (wrapped up for the winter when I left) and hung baskets of flowers (I couldn't plant anything, of course).  This morning after my swim and after the groceries have been delivered, I'll take coffee out to the balcony and go through all the mail. Bliss.  I am truly blessed. 

Home at last!!  

Not that I missed it whileI was gone.