picking up the threads

 This is where most travelogues stop; they don't deal with re-entry.  I have been all day reading through mail, even though my bills and business come to me through wifi, and my son and daughter-in-law (bless them!) picked up the mail and culled it - i.e. threw out the junk. I still had a bundle to read and I have a lot of follow-up.  I felt pretty relaxed, though.  I missed my Trivial Pursuit team, and the sweet sommeliers.  

I'm making lists, mostly of things to buy but  I can't.  I'm sort of broke. Surprise, surprise.  

I can start tossing stuff, a good antidote to buying stuff. 

And I can write more of the thoughts I had while travelling.  People and food and wine (yes) and more people.  They do say that travel is broadening. Perhaps stretching is a better word. You stretch your mind and sights. Rethink. Adjust. Assimilate. Alter.