where was I?

It's almost the end of the day and I have gone through so many plateaus, decisions, brinks and sighs of relief that I find it difficult to write a blog (like, when  isn't it?),  At least, after a (very) slow start, I did get something done, something ticked off my  to-do list. Ah, but a person like me  - or "like I" as Lorelei Lee would say. - finds it difficult, not to say paralyzing, to do the right thing each day, to do something, each day, to get through each day. I try..... 

So then I had to look her up and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Anita Loos (1889-1981), the writer who created that iconic blonde.  Now how, did I get here?  That's the trouble with being so old and having such a long memory: everything leads to something else, and not only leads, because that implies going forward.  See, everything leads to everything else, to the past as well as to wherever. 

Do you know that I go through at least 7 blog ideas a day before I sit down to write, and then when I do, something comes up, like Anita Loos, and I get side-tracked - or is it blind-sided? 

Tune in tomorrow. I'll try again.