what are you doing june 6?

That date is not chosen at random; it's  my wedding anniversary. I pulled it because I have just finished two and a half days of arranging my excursions on my upcoming cruise and wondered where I'll be then.  I begin to believe it's going to happen.  Anyway, on June 6 I will be in Rangiroa, French Polynesia, taking a sightseeing ride in a glass-bottom boat. Maybe it's going to happen.

I started writing a daily blog in order to be ready to keep a travelblog of my trip.  So, after all the setbacks and delays, it's about time I started focusing on the trip, isn't it?  See, I don't take pictures, although I have been told I must take a few now that I have a mini-iPad (or is it an iPad-mini?). At that, it's better than loading up with negatives and out-of-focus snaps and all that organizing and cataloging one must do. Make that past tense.  Apparently these days one can get all the pix one wants with an iPhone. I guess it used to be fun for some people to mess about with the photographic detritus of a trip. But oh, pity the ones who had to view your Trip! On all the trips I have taken I have always met a few people who took pictures of me and them in front of something or other and who gave me copies. If the something or other was really interesting I bought a postcard photograph taken by an expert and stuck it in my journal.  Fading memories, also fading photographs. 

I think it's going to happen.