Perhaps you are acquainted with the acronyms associated with diets and fitness. They've been around for a while; I actually used them in an early play of mine about a fat woman who tries to sell her soul to the devil in order to be thin (pre-dating Shallow Hal by several years).

Anyway, here they are:

DEASU: Don't Eat Anything Standing Up.  This eliminates not only BLTs (Bites, Licks andTastes) in the kitchen. but also all cocktail nibbles. If you really want a bite of the smoked salmon or a quick sushi, you have to sit down. It's very hard to carry on a cocktail conversation from a sitting position. You have to make a choice. 

DEAMOF: Don't Eat Anything Made Of Flour. I guess these days it would be DEAMOG (Don't Eat Anything Made Of Gluten).  I read the book Wheat Belly standing in a bookstore. Obviously it's a quick read and I got the message.  I decided I would limit myself to a loaf of  bread a month, and it's less than that now.  I freeze bread as soon as I get it,  putting it in two slices per Ziplock bag and freezing it right away.  Of course I still eat crackers and the odd cookie.  (Flour!)

DDSD: Don't Dress Sitting Down.  I thought this was a given, but one time I had to change my pantyhose in a dressing room.  When I lived up north and came into Toronto just for the day, if an accident happened, like a run (is it still called a ladder?) in one's stocking (pantyhose) and necessitated a replacement, I would buy a new garment (one time it was a blouse to replace one with a spill of pasta sauce on it), and change on the spot. When I asked for a room to change my pantyhose, the salesgirl warned me, "There's no chair in there."  I didn't need a chair. Why would I need a chair? That's when I realized that not all people dress standing up.    

I told this story to a friend recently, who is taking a course in coping with osteoporosis. She told me that you are NOT supposed to dress standing up; that way lies injury. That made me think of Mel Gibson in a movie he was too old for, trying to pull on pantyhose standing up. He fell down and got electrocuted or something with the result that he could sense what women were thinking....never mind. The point was he didn't know how to put pantyhose on, rolling up first one leg and then the other, to ease on -- without sitting down.

I still dress standing  up but within close range of a wall in case I need to balance myself.  I need all the support I can get.