when is a blog not a blog?

I've asked this question before but I have a different answer.  I have been busy since I came home preparing reports, writing in my journal, making lists of people to write, and writing them, writing more lists - of groceries, of clothes for Matt to wear, and me, too, - because we're having a Family Reunion this weekend, and my son is moving in with me to be close to the festivities so he has to pack something. None of these things is blog-like, though the typing and organizing is related and some of the information is blog-like.  Not blog, though.

Soon, maybe, I will arrive at a definition of blog and then, maybe, it will be easier to write because I'll know what I'm doing. 

Will I ever?  Know?  What I'm doing?  

This past weekend was very stimulating but also very humbling.  I meet  so many accomplished people and such good writers, it makes me wonder what I'm doing with them.  How did they let me in?  What am I doing here, anyway?  I'm a spear-carrier, is all.

This is definitely not blog material.