family reunion

It's been quite a while since the family all got together. That's immediate family: my children and their mates and their children and a couple of mates and a significant other, 17 people in all, counting me.  I got a cold in Newfoundland so I've been hacking and coughing all week and sat up for several hours last night with hot water, lemon and  honey, thinking, and, of course, writing.  The big blow-out this weekend is going to be a backyard BBQ at my older son's home - on Saturday, June 7. Exactly 62 years ago, on Saturday, June 7 in 1952, Bill Wylie and I were married.  So in the wee small hours of the night I wrote about that.  Does that constitute a blog or a bleat?   

I'm not sure. I haven't read it yet.  If I said anything worth passing on, I'll let you know. Anon, anon.