daily is as daily does

I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it.  Life is so daily. Even when i'm not, it still is.  I've lost two days:  One, I went to Stratford for a double header. That plus the trip there and back ate up the whole day. Ate me up, too.  Two, I was tired, not good for much, nothing to justify my existence. So I must check in today, Day Three, no excuse. (Hello!)  I wore a two-piece Tilley dress to Stratford, with a Shetland sweater to protect me from air-conditioning. The Tilley is so old that no one recognizes it as a Tilley Endurable any more, the design is so different.  It's old, but then it always has been, almost from its first summer.   I bought a new one this summer, one-piece, and it was old the minute I put it on. I usually know that this is something I'll wear forever or until it wears out,  whichever comes first.  I love instant old clothes, that fit so well or work so well that you'll wear them forever, or until they don't fit you. Most of mine fit because there's leeway in the elastic waistlines. It pays to have leeway. 

Well, that was today. Anon, anon.