where am I?

I don't ask that question often but I really do wonder where I am.  Or when?  Maybe when.  I spent too many hours today watching catch-up episodes of a TV series that had been recommended to me by someone whose judgement I respect.  Well, la di dah. (Is that how you spell that?)  Maybe it was an overdose but I felt totally disoriented by the time it finished. This is  not the world I grew up in.  There, that's her age speaking, you say.  Well, yes, I guess it is.  I still have a moral compass and the needle was spinning as I watched this show.  I have to think about this, about my naiveté and about others' cynicism, not to say callousness. I'm a writer but I can't write like that.  So maybe my question is not where am I but where is my audience? Or who?  And when am I going to do something about it?   Is it too late?