well I never

It's come to this. I have just seen, for the first time, a TV   commercial advertising condoms. I'm not shocked or repelled, I'm just shaking my head at how the world has changed in my time.  You'll pardon me sounding like an old-timer (I am an old-timer) but in my day girls were embarrassed to buy sanitary napkins at the drugstore. That's why druggists wrapped the box in discreet brown paper so no one would know what the contents were.  Hah! As if.  Well, times change. For a long time now there have been ads on TV for what in an era before mine were unmentionable but referred to vulgarly as red rags. It's all very hygienic now and models wear white and dance a lot - no - I'm wrong.  Incontinence ads are for white and dancing.  Oh my, it's hard to keep up.  But I was discussing condoms.  I remember a joke from just a few  years back about two little kids on tricycles meeting on the street and one says to the other, "I just found a condom under the veranda," and the other little kid says, "What's a veranda?"   No secrets any more, and no surprises. I'm going to have to do some research.