a few words

We've already lost the battle for lie, I know that.   Lay down your weapons as they will do you no good.  May and might are goners.  Career and careen are divided by an ocean, with Canada somewhere in-between, depending where you live and I guess how old you are.  We've lost the correct  pronunciation of forte. The reason why is horrible and repetitive. Reason-is-that is correct but most people say reason is because. (Oh, reason not the need!)  People get lost in the subjunctive.  There was once a popular song: "If I knew you were coming I'd of baked a cake."  That's short for If I had known you were coming, I would have baked a cake.  Right .  These days you you'll hear people saying "if I would have known....and  you'd probably say it, but they'd never sing it.  Wrong.  There's a love song in the musical  Camelot: that begins:  "If ever I would leave you..."  Which is wrong.  Grammatically, it should be "if ever I were to leave you," but you can't sing that to the music provided, because it doesn't fit.  Some singers try to correct the lyricis.  Neil Diamond sang "Songs you sang to me/Songs you brang to me" and I find that more charming than a singer correcting brang to brought.  And Frank Sinatra missed  Cole Porter's irony in the song "The Lady is a Tramp by citing all the genuine things the lady does ("don't go to Harlem in diamonds and pearls") thus proving she's a tramp - NOT!  Frankie or his arranger changed  the conclusion to "that's why the lady is a champ."  Oh, dear, when I start arguing with lyrics, that just shows you I'm not a champ at all.  I've lost the battle.   Do you have any pet peeves?