another hot one

Still reading, still  hot. I left after I wrote a couple of sentences here while I considered what I was doing.  I said my initial tangent, now deleted,  was not relevant.  I didn't use relevant - was not what I wanted to talk about - then deleted talk because I'm writing, not talking, and I considered a couple of synonyms, none of which I liked. Not muse, not ponder, how about maunder? I don't use that one often so I left this as a draft so I could check the dictionary.  Maunder is a lovely verb: 

he maundered on about his problemsrambleprattleblatherrattle,chatterjabberbabbleinformal yakyattershe maundered across the roadwanderdriftmeanderambleputter.

 Got it.  I wonder as I wander. I ponder as I maunder.  Go ahead and say it: I blather as I blog.  Blunder?  Stop it.    

Well, you can tell it's hot.  My brain is still over-heated and I haven't gone swimming yet.  Soon. I love words. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't too.  Anon,anon....