a potpourri of blogs

Thank you, the person who liked me enough to nag me to write a new blog.  I have been busy, as we all are.  It's not that I haven't been thinking; in fact, I've been thinking too much.  It's not only time  (finding it, using it) that is difficult, it's choosing - what to do, what to write about, what to do first, what to write about first.  Well, everyone has that problem, but not everyone is lucky enough to have nags and noodges, both internal and external, to force one back on the path. (What path?)  A lot happened during the last two weeks of April. I got a grant (see Links); I filed my income tax return (always traumatic); I made muffins for several people, and soup (and some new recipes); I found a dramaturge to help me in developing my best, as yet unproduced, play; and, of course I've been reading, always reading.  Here are a few ideas I've had for blogs, as yet unwritten:

. the movie in my mind

. the novel in my head

. the novels I have read that no one else has, because they are unpublished efforts by students, wannabes and friends.

. "I can do that" (from Chorus LIne)

. more on procrastination, the uses thereof

. and Happy May First (see April First)

Anyway, here I am again.  Now I have to write a new generic letter, not the same as a blog, but close.  Tomorrow comes very soon.