bedtime blog

You can't say I'm not trying. I'm in bed and almost wiped out but I have to write a blog. It's worse than brushing your teeth isn't it?  I mean it's so inexorable. Not as noisy as a dog but just as daily.  I suppose some of the daily annoyances could come up for inspection but one doesn't want to be a pedant. Oh, go ahead. I jumped on someone yesterday for saying fort-ay, instead of fort, when he was saying some skill was not his forte. That's a tough one, I mean one I'm not going to win.  Even John Gielgud said for-tay - for posterity; I had it on a recording he made of The Importance of Being Earnest. Does anyone else have pet peeves?  Like the difference between may and might or career and careen. I suppose because I'm a writer and therefore some sort of editor and because for years after I graduated I marked English essays for extra money, that I'm a stickler for correct language and accurate expression.  My little inner monitor never stops mentally correcting what I see, read, hear and yes, think. I keep trying to polish my own thinking, as well as others'.  Of course, I have learned the hard way that it's DEATH to correct anyone else.  It's worse than telling them they have bad breath. Just turn your head the other way. Good night.