time to assimilate

When you're on a trip the day is more visibly divided into 3 parts: morning, afternoon and evening.  My father, who was a doctor and I guess more aware of the expenditure of finite energy, used to say you could spend only 2 parts of each day doing something because you needed time to rest or catch up - assimilate, I would say - in the third part, no matter which part.  Every day, away or not, I have to have time to assimilate what I've been doing and what's been going on.  So - today: I'm not going to have time to assimilate. I have three events: a funeral, a farewell party for someone leaving the country for an extended period of time, and a banquet for a loosely related group of people whose ancestors came here to stay.  Well.  It's too much.  By the end of this day I will be tired with no time to assimilate.  I know, I know.  Shakespeare said sleep knits up the ravelled sleeve of care but by tonight the sleeve is going to need mending.  That happens a lot of days, to a lot of people.  We all need more time to assimilate, not merely to ravel.  What are you going to do today?  Tell me about it.