did you miss me?

Home again home again jiggety jig.   It took longer than I expected to return and I have not yet achieved full re-entry.  Too many things to do and atone for after such a long absence .  First, I am happy to tell you that the boxelder bugs did not stow away in any of my papers or clothes or bags.  They were getting very uppity before I left and they were giving me a - not angst exactly, but a kind of a worry? - anyway, they did not come with me. Second, the decompression chamber of the train was as valuable coming home as going away.  I was tired, also hungry and enjoyed resting and being pampered.  I also had the time to read my book to see how it looks and to figure out what's missing.  Drop it in the meat grinder and see what churns out. Third, I'm working very hard each day, physically, what with laundry and grocery shopping and starting to cook again, I mean cook, not just for me but for other people. I feel sort of numb, though.  Something is happening down there in the meat grinder and I have to see what's going on.  Soon. 

Hey, I'm swimming again and I'm blogging again.  Let's get on with it.