be careful what you say

This is my last day in The Stegner House , October 28. Please note. I have come  up with, or dredged out, the first draft of a new book. I'll let it cool and see what I have. First drafts are like gouging out your bone marrow - especially with plays - but after that it takes patience and Zen to do the rewrites.  You know that Zen saying: if you meet oh, who? who is it you meet? I have to check that - anyway, if you meet  it/him you're supposed to kill it, because it's false.  This is not what I intended to say.  I just want to say á bientôt.  It's a trek back to Toronto and I'll be without WIFI for four days.  Not sure if I'll plug in on the fifth day when I arrive home.  The tramlines are going to start running again and I may not get to Google or Safari or any of my  other lines. So it will be a while.  Will you miss me? Not bloody likely. POSTNOTE;  I looked it up. It is the Buddha, it is the Buddha! I thought it was  but I hesitated to say it.  So kill your darling when you see it. That's good advice to writers who tend to fall in love with their own purple prose. Buddhism is supposed to be a path to enlightenment. - not THE way, as I understand it, but a way. Which takes me to Kahlil Gibran: "Say not that you have found the path of the soul; say you have found the soul on a path."  Something like that.  I'm not going to look it up. Do I have to do all the work?   It's in "The Prophet".  


I actually wrote this on my last morning in the house before I was out of range on the bus, in the B&B, on the train, before I got  home to my very own WIFI.  I don't know why the date kept changing.  This is old stuff.  Anon, anon.