more canetti

I mentioned that there are lines in Elias Canetti's notebooks that sound like the log lines of a play/movie/story. I don't have enough time left in my life to turn all these ideas into finished works so I'll give some of them to you and you can play with them. Again, no quotation marks, just numbers:

1) A labyrinth made of all the paths one has taken.

 2) Perhaps people are able to distinguish only among a discrete number of faces, and when that number is exceeded, perhaps after a certain age they are receptive only to the old faces they already know, and in the new see only those.

3) The bungler who always get what he does not want.

 4) He deals in retroactive secrets, so to speak.

 5)  The man living outside the ordinary concepts of time.

 6)  He no longer learns anything. He only learns to forget better.

7) He goes after the past as if it could be altered.

8) The paralyzing effects of reading old notebooks - better to remember freely.

 9) I am no longer irritated by the fairy tale's happy end; I need it.

10)  Someone who always has to lie discovers that every one of his lies is true. 

Now I'll stop.