nit picking

You already know some of my pet peeves regarding incorrect usage of words and grammar. I have to keep repeating and returning to them because if you try to correct someone, they (and I hate the use of the plural pronoun to refer to one person) will keep on making the same mistake and will  not forgive you, unless they’re a nut like me (you see?).   I always thank anyone who has corrected me but I also always check the OED or Google or my grandfather’s pronouncing dictionary or whatever, afterward to make sure they’re right.

Here are a few irritations that keep recurring and you can check them. I just did. (Chicago Manual of Style. Fowler, Strunk & White, etc.)

When did people start saying the both of you? Maybe it was a transferred mistake that occurred when people were saying the two of you.

I think a transference occurred when people started saying bored of Instead of bored with. Probably someone was thinking of tired of.

Lie/lay is a lost cause, I fear, but I still have hopes for may/might. As you may remember, may is factual while might is hypothetical. Check them.

I’ve already written a blog on this date, so that’s enough of that.