food glorious food

I am constantly tempted by the sidebars sent to lure us into reading and wasting so much time. But...

I do sidetrack occasionally on a sidebar when it has something to do with food and health: 5 foods you should never eat; one tip to change your life/ belly fat/ eyesight/ whatever (oh, and sex life, but I ignore that, grateful for my fading memory). I got hooked last night on the difference between pre-biotic and pro-biotic. It took a long time to find out and of course it ended trying to sell me a miraculous product.

But it got me thinking of what I have learned over the last few months:

  • never eat tomatoes, or eggplant or potatoes (all nightshade)
  • never eat bananas
  • no sugar
  • no grains
  • no beans
  • no processed foods
  • no pasta
  • in fact, no flour (well, that’s wheat = grains)
  • no meat except organic (no antibiotics in the animals)

You can eat dark chocolate, every day, at least 70% You can drink coffee. Eggs are okay, this year.

I finally went to bed and missed writing my blog, so here it is.