blown away

The James Plays, three full-length, new, stand-alone plays by Scottish playwright, Rona Munro, about the three kings James of Scotland (I, II and III), are finishing a brief run at the Luminato multi-arts Festival in Toronto, by the National Theatre of Scotland for its only stop in North America, in a "renovated" (aka disastrous) site, the Hearn Generating Station, a miserable, unfinished, hazardous, unorganized venue (and don't ask about toilet arrangements!) that gave me one of the most rewarding, challenging, sublime experiences I've enjoyed in theatre in my life. I saw them in a day-long marathon as a trilogy, beginning at 12 noon yesterday, finishing at 11:30 last night with a 60-something-minute break between shows. Wow.

I've taken the time to look up Munro's career and to order a copy of the plays. It's not likely I'll see them again soon and I want to know them better. Better? Double meaning there: yes, better, better than Shakespeare's history plays. And better than A Breath of Kings, the Stratford Festival's (Graham Abbey's) this season mash-up of the four Henry plays. Wow again.

I'm going to have to read up on my Scottish history now, of course, covering the 15th century when Scotland's past and future looked very dark - as some could say it is now after the disappointing results of the Brexit referendum.

I have a lot to say, think and assimilate about this 21st century masterpiece that a woman playwright has written. I'll take it slowly.

If you're interested, you could take a look.