moving right along....

“Women are not just powering to the fore in the EU: they now take up a greater proportion of board seats in big British companies than ever before. Almost one third of FTSE 100 positions were held by women as of 1 June, up from 12.5% in 2011.”

I picked that up from the Manchester Guardian this morning.

When I was on the board of Investors’ Group Trust over 25 years ago, women comprised 8 percent of boards in North America, business boards, that is, not volunteer. I remember it being said of one Canadian woman who was a power house volunteer dynamo, that she could run General Motors. No one ever asked her. Well, don’t knock it. Be grateful for small increments.

That’s not what I was going to write about today. I have been slow getting into gear again because I have been spending too much time at a medical clinic getting blood tests and shots for various things, with some residual aches and weariness. I’m fine, though.

And then there’s the Blue Jays. They’re getting better, too. There’s a game tonight and I’ll write a blog, if I’m not too tired. I understand now why/how my husband used to fall asleep during a game (one of the advantages of viewing on TV rather than in the stadium). I’ve often said that baseball is like Wagner’s operas— long hours and sudden, feverish, crucial minutes.

i’ll be back.

LATER: I’m here, but I don’t have any energy left. I hope the Jays do.

Maybe tomorrow. I owe my blog the best of me, best I can manage, at my age…..