I promised myself a new blog—sort of new—a review of Nathan the Wise (a production at the Stratford Festival this season). Instead, I read a whole new book, just for me. I have been reading,of course, but in bits and pieces:

Ploughing through Virginia Woolf’s The Waves at the breakfast table, and finding it difficult. A friend has promised me I’ll like it better when I re-read it. How soon? I asked. Two or three years, he said. I can hardly wait.

Re-reading the short story collection, Florida, by Lauren Groff, because I like(d) her and I could dip into it - them- during slow periods of the Blue Jays game. I don’t like her as much. I found her sour and ominous and unlikable.

Tried to read another “thriller” by Linwood Barclay when I pedalled (stationary bike in the gym), but I haven’t had much time to do that, so it’s a write- off — read-off?

Reading for information mostly to do with my new book, checking on facts, people and dates. That doesn’t count, but it’s necessary nit-picking.

Educated is a memoir, harrowing and inspirational and maddening, by Tara Westover. It reminded me of The Glass Castle with the terrible things that happened to the writer, brought up with (non-existent) “home-schooling” by fanatic Mormon parents in the mountains of Idaho. She got educated, though, with a BA in history from Brigham Young University, followed by a Gates Scholarship at Cambridge where she subsequently earned an MPhil in intellectual history and political thought from Trinity College (2009). In 2010 she was a visiting fellow at Harvard University. Back to Cambridge where she received a PhD in history in 2014. I guess she wrote this book after that.

You’ll have to read it, if you like that kind of thing (the disasters of her upbringing). Generally I don’t, but this was different for the psychological challenges it presents to one’s mind-set. How did she do it???