books, briefly

Well, I didn’t want to watch Netflix or wherever American Gods can be viewed (a second season now, so I am told). I like Neil Gaiman, is imagination and his narrative skill, so I bought a hardcover copy of the book. I have others of his to keep it company; my favourite is The Graveyard Book. I enjoyed American Gods for all Gaiman’s right reasons. But it did go on a bit too long . He said he added some 1200 words that he had cut from his first edition.

“There’s a Zen warning to writers that cites a koan : “if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him .” So with writers: kill your favourite bits.. I thought of that as I read Gaiman’s book. I’d still recommend it. He’s a fine writer.

I enjoyed, if that’s the word—it isn’t—CUT OFF BY A TIRED BATTERY.