life is what happens...

…when you were making other plans. No NYT yesterday. Big news, though: Matt had his back-to-work discussion with his employer, the personnel manager at his Loblaw store, the Workmen’s Compensation rep, his Union rep, and i’m sorry to say his mother, not intending to be a hover-mother but there to interpret and try to be a fly on t he wall for later reporting. It should have been his Community Living counsellor. I’ve told you before that Matt is challenged. Loblaw is committed to hiring challenged staff and means it. Matt earned his 25-year-service pin last year. So, in spite of a cruelly complicated broken ankle, now healing, he was there to find out what was in store for him now. (I guess that’s a pun.) The Garden Centre! Lovely.

That was yesterday. I’m not ready to write about NYT today because I have something interesting on the agenda today. Have you heard of the Longtitudinal Study on Ageing? I‘m not sure what branch of the government it falls under—continues under—but it’s been going on for a number of years now, and I’m on their list to talk to every three or four years. This will be my third conversation and I’m as curious as they are to observe how I have deteriorated. I still have my marbles but i’m sure I will be demonstrably slower. I know my legs are.

Later in the day i will have another phone discussion with my publisher, about the design of my book, finally coming to fruition, two months behind what I had hoped because of Matt’s and my fractures. At least I get to stay home today. I was behind on my reading and the books keep piling up (because i keep buying them. So I’ll have to do some thumbnail reviews soon, a pleasant task.

No matter what the plans are, life does go on.