coming soon to a blog near you

Here are a few of the blogs I haven’t written:

*Words- to come. (I do have a list, I have been reading, though not as much)

*Couple of reviews: a play, one or two books

*Second thoughts (and third and fourth)

*Dorothy Dinnerstein and the paternity leaves of my grandson and my grandson-in-law

*Canada’s new Food Guide - more thoughts


Comments will be welcomed. Also choices or and suggestions?

Explanation? My brother used to say never explain. With a friend you don’t need to. An enemy will never believe you anyway. Not original with my brother.


*Tax time. I’ve neglected my paper trails so it took a while to gather and collate everything.

*The second edit of my book arrived and I’m working my dextrous one-finger again - to the bone?

*Physio, twice a week, painful but effective, and I started swimming again., up to 10 lengths of a very gentle breast stroke.

Not happy but trying not to complain.

That’s all.