I know you're right

There’s another movie you all know with a classic line - not literature but part of a folk psyche thing that everyone recognizes and that I’ve been saying since people started giving me advice about my son Matt - more like advice to me on how to behave. (Take it easy, relax, he’s okay, you’re okay, don’t knock yourself out, etc.)

Remember When Harry Met Sally? Sally’s woman friend was having an on-going hopeless affair with a married man and she knew she should break it off but she couldn’t . Everyone kept giving her advice, to quit, to leave, to find someone new, and her response has become a classic. Everyone uses it. (It really is a form of denial, a blind insistence on ignoring the facts.)

“You’re right. You’re right, I know you’re right.”

It doesn’t do much good until it sinks in.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day.