canada's food rules

In the news yesterday, just released. I’ll get a copy and share comments with you - if you will do the same. Just remember Michael Pollan’s rules:

  1. Eat food.

  2. Not too much.

  3. Mostly plants.

I’ll be back.

LATER THE SAME DAY: (stage directions)

I printed out about 18 pages of guide and suggestions and amounts and rules. If you’re like me, you won’t be be surprised by any of it. Even magazine chefs, so adept at impossible, glamorous recipes, have been leaning toward lentils and “protein” (without mentioning meat), and “healthy” food. I’ve had to look up pulse a couple of times, as some of you know.

pulse 2 (a second meaning) noun: the edible seed of a leguminous plant, for example a chickpea, lentil, or bean. use pulses such as peas and lentils to eke out meat dishes. ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French pols, from Latin puls ‘porridge of meal or pulse’; related to pollen.

I’ve read and re-read the material and marked it up and made notes. If you love the planet, honk your horn….no - eat pulse.