happy september first

And Happy New Year, too.  Time for fresh resolutions.

So I started by breaking some - well, not really. You know I've always said that September is the beginning of a new year for me,  as well as for many others.  Back to School. End of Summer. Vacation Time is over. All that. New Semester/Year. New Job. New Beginning.  So - New Resolutions.  The only thing is, I still have my New Year's Resolutions to complete.  

Look back. Look waaaay back - to January 1, 2018.  I had some very specific resolutions - a large agenda, in fact, of projects I had to finish. Then the heat went off and I got sick, and sicker, and colder, and sicker.  I lost over six weeks of work-time, just huddling and shivering and coughing, especially coughing. I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since. with a few more setbacks and delays,  not to mention obstacles,  along the way.  Little by little I'm gettin' there.  Not there yet. 

Number Three on that NY List remains to be completed: the gathering of my files - you know all about them. They've been nagging at me for six months.  Now I have a deadline.

My daughter and her oldest daughter are coming the last week of September to meet the second great-grandchild, and to celebrate my son John's 60th birthday (SIXTY!!  Ma foi!) I will give them my bed while they're here and I will sleep in my office on a very nice bed, when it's not covered with paper.  My job now is to clear that bed, tidy those papers, empty that room.  Starting tomorrow.  I have twenty days.

I wish I had a clone.