blog time

First, I hope, comes something I wrote yesterday but couldn't post because I was locked out of my SquareSpace...  See if I can find it:


I have been neglected, ignored and attacked by several of my electronic “servants” – they are NOT serving me.

I managed to get to the end of formatting my script on Final Draft, the  screenwriting program insisted upon by a director who is interested in the story. I had trouble transferring a draft of my script but finally, I thought, succeeded.  But then I had to fit the scene headings, dialogue, spaces and so on, into the FD program.  Very slow.  I  write faster than I can format. Today I tought I had finished.  I ordered a print-out to see what the piece looked like. About a third of the way through the printer started giving me one line at the top of a strangely numbered page – for the rest of the script.  Oy.

I don’t know what to do.  What I did do in order to read the script was to copy the weird pages – they read fine on the screen – and past them to a fresh blank  open script. Then I printed that.  So I’ll be able to read it.  But how do I correct what’s locked in the computer?


In the meantime, as I said, I’m locked out of my blog on Little Mac.  I’m several days behind and I have a lot to say.

I can’t afford a clone or a secretary.  I recently I headed one of my unwritten blogs “delayed gratification”, but this is ridiculous. 

Tomorrow is another day.

There - and already it is - another day.

 Anon, anon.