I had an hour of free-fall this morning, no more REM, pool not open yet.  I spent most of the time thinking about Stephen Hawking, making note of what I wanted to look up when I got up.

Like his children's names (Robert, Lucy and Tim) and who was their mother (first wife, Jane).

He was diagnosed with ALS (...) when he was twenty and was give three to five years to live.  He lived another 55 years, thanks to the NHS. He was always loud and public in his praise of the National Healtvh Scheme, but what about his wife, Jane,  and family and hired help.  Think of the daily ministrations, increasing as he succumbed to this disease.  TBC


Next day:  Well, serendipity: The Theory of Everything, the movie about Stephen Hawking, was on tv last night. I hadn't seen it, and the timing was perfect for me. I'll have more to say..