how to fall asleep in four breaths

Lee Child taught me how to fall asleep quickly. Well, really, it was Jack Reacher.  The hero of Child's novels, even after a big knock-down fight or a thrilling adventure, goes to bed, lies down, takes a few deep breaths, and sleeps until his built-in alarm clock wakes him.  (I have a built-in clock.  Can't find my way out of a paper bag but I have an exquisitely tuned sense of time.) Maybe Reacher  took Qi Jong, or maybe he could always do it, but three or four breaths and he  is asleep.

Here's how:  

You lie down, get the covers and your body arranged comfortably because very soon you won't be conscious to do it.  Now, you know about the upper and lower part of your breathing to focus on, don't you?  Upper is from your chest, lower is from your stomach. Whichever area you choose to begin with, take a deep breath, hold it to a count of four and then slowly exhale.  Then do the other section. Three or four of these and you're away.

That's all for today.

Sleep well.