lo and behold

It’s hard for me to believe: i’m back, almost without scars, almost clear-eyed (but NOT bushy-tailed), and I finally broke into my blog. Did you miss me? I’m sure that every computer user encounters problems every day, some small, others bigger, like, BIGGER. Where/when did I ever leave you? Three days? Not by choice. My cursor froze, then the screen went blank and i was braced for the sad news: my computer was toast. (That’s a technical term, meaning it didn’t work.) But then, when the new computer was delivered, courtesy of Jennifer, my guru and Guardian Angel of computers, the dear little NEW ONE had trouble adjusting to the new website and demanded the password of the system.

More to come…I hope. I’ve put in a request for yet another magic password and the Wizard of WiFi will be telling me what I need to know.

Some day I’m going to to write about passwords. Does anyone else have trouble with them? Not with them, but with one’s own ability and retention. And I’m not always too sure of my various contacts’ retention. Just when I’ve done everything right they get huffy and forbid me access. I’m still me but they aren’t.