too soon too soon

Going home tomorrow and wishing I weren't, sort of. I have lots of interesting things to do, including some imperatives. I must get on with my life after this heavenly sojourn.  I'm slightly rested and I am intensely interested in several projects, including going through my clothes drawers and tossing stuff out. Has everyone read Marie Kondo?  The is the Japanese neatness freak who writes books and gives courses to help people overcome their cumulative sins. We all need to make acts of attrition. 

One of her major ideas is to say thank you.  You have to thank your clothes - favourite items but too worn or too redundant or unfashionable to be any use. Thank them for the pleasure they have given you, and let them go. What if you applied that principle to people? Actually, some people do - let people go, that is  - unlike people who need people (the luckiest people in the world?).  You also have to make your clothes happy, the ones you keep.  Give them breathing space, possible because there are fewer of them.  I have a friend who has applied the Kondo principle and instructions to her socks and this makes her happy as well as the socks.

I could go on but the sun is past the yard-arm (I must look that up - soon), and I'm still on holiday.

Anon, anon...