I have almost "graduated" (if that is the correct term) from my screenwriting course and am about to become an alumna, joining others who have gone before me and who are committed, as I will be, to helping and encouraging each other.   To enter this special Facebook group I had to enter my face.  

For me, this is not as easy as it sounds.  When I joined Facebook last year I tried to edit a picture of me and ended up with a lopsided half photo.  I'm not very good with techie stuff.  But this week I had help. I'm visiting my daughter and son-in-law and they did it for me.  Well,  I washed my hair (it was Saturday anyway), I dressed for dinner (a patio dress plus a shawl - I live in shawls) and a dab of lipstick. My son-in-law told me not to look down and he took a couple of shots. Then Kate adjusted (?) it, and sent it in.

I have been overwhelmed with the responses.  You'd think it was my birthday. It's not.  It's a good haircut, though.  And I feel more rested than I've been, gathering my strength for the next assault, that is,  the next challenge, whatever it is.

I guess I should put this blog on Facebook, to thank the dozens of people who commented and complimented me.  I  look pretty good for my age.