Bad News: I have developed procrastination to a fine art form, very distressing. I started today well. I pulled out all  the paper I have accumulated since I signed up for my screenwriting course, way back in the middle of December, and I hauled out my three-hole punch and the huge binder already partly filled with the print-outs from the first two months, comprising lessons and drafts - all in chronological order, of course.  It's easy to see that I have to collate and assess the drafts and see if I can come up with a "final" draft. I keep playing around with the middle of the second act, still not sure how to run it. I'll probably try out several different versions. The lessons deserve extra copies, too;  some lessons are so special I intend to put them in a separate folder. Do you like learning how I think and work?  I love to find out other writers' work/thinking habits.  I guess my age is obvious here: I still like to handle paper. I may store material in my computer but I like paper (print-outs) to handle and read and mark up and make notes. Yes, it's time consuming.  That's the bad news but not The Bad News I'm dealing with now.  The really Bad News is that I haven't progressed any further than to spread out a mess of paper all over my dining table. A book I'm reading won out over anything I'm writing.

The Good News is the book I am reading - in fact, I just finished it. I'm sure I've mentioned Lauren Groff (1978) before. This is the third book of hers that I have read.  I haven't read her first one is  The Monsters of Templeton  (2008), and it  was the NYT bestseller list on its appaerance. Wow.  And what a beautiful writer! 

Later the same day:...

.... continuing where I left off:  The book I just finished reading is Arcadia,  Groff's second.  Then came a collection of short stories, Delicate, Edible Birds, that I didn't like so well.  The first one I read, the last one she wrote, is the one I raved about when I read it:  FATES AND FURIES.

Now, I can get on with my work, stimulated, challenged, and humbled. The Good News is I'll keep on keeping on.  I mean, what else would I do?  I hate bridge.