it's not funny any more

You who are so young , do you remember Stephen Leacock (1866-1944)?  At one time he was the most famous humorist in the world, still honoured in our country with a Stephen Leacock medal/award for humour every year.  I think of him often when I get upset and go off "in all directions at once".  But I think of him most often when I do my banking and try to make sense of my financial situation. Do you remember his essay "My Banking Career"?  It wouldn't be funny today

If I remember clearly, he begins by confessing that banks have always made him nervous, and then he proceeds to describe his first and only venture into the world of finance. He opened a bank account. He was so apprehensive and so impressed with himself that he asked to speak to the manager who had trouble controlling his amusement when the fledgling tycoon said that he wanted to open an account  -  with a ten dollar deposit.  All very nerve-making, being handed over to a teller with badly concealed amusement,  not to say scorn.  

When his account is duly registered,  he wants to make a withdrawal but he makes a mistake. He writes a cheque for ten dollars.  All of it?  All of it, he says, too  embarrassed to admit he meant to withdraw one dollar.  He tries to pretend he has been insulted and wishes to withdraw his entire deposit and his business from the institution.  He takes his money and exits, to the sound of laughter.   He wouldn't escape with mere  laughter today.  He would have less money than when he started. It's about the fees.

In the first place, he'd need a larger base figure to open the account, and there'd be a fee. Then he'd be charged for a cheque, even one, more with a quiver.  Another charge would be levied for closing the account . He would exit the bank not only  with derision, but with less money.