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Some of you may remember that my first cruise with Oceania was 180 days long, that is, it was intended to be 180 days but in fact shrank to 101 days because of some necessary repairs to the ship before we embarked.  Anyway, it was luxurious with time to waste and squander and expand (not physically; I lost four pounds)  and get in touch with oneself as well as with other people.  We had time enough to make lasting friends and in one case I know – lovers. So this trip is too short for that.  At least I know enough to make my personal choices.  Yesterday I opted to stay on board and do my homework and write a blog. My room-mate walked around Wrangell and it was a nice day for a walk, fairly warm and sunny.  I should have chosen the physical activity and opportunity to learn about a place I had never been nor will likely ever be again.  That’s okay, not great, but okay.

At my back I always hear/ Time’s wing-ed chariot hurrying near.

I’ll tell you the biggest luxury of all is the freedom to choose.


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