here i am

May 27 but I wrote this yesterday:

It’s about a blog time. I’m sitting in one of my favorite places in the world although there are three of them, almost identical.  It’s the library on Regatta, one of three ships of the same size and layout in n the Oceania line. I’m on my Alaska cruise and after a hard two days, I am relaxed at our first port, Wrangler, Alaska, and I am not going ashore, choosing instead to try to catch up with my screenwriting course and with my blog, both of which have fallen by the wayside – shoreside?

I remember my mother writing a postcard then - perhaps an email now, but she’d never have cottoned on to emails – on a cruise she took to Japan and Australia.  She was going by the Great Barrier Reef and she reported her wherabouts and commented that she must look it up when she got home.  I suppose I could look up Wrangler when I get home but I did receive an information package so I can read about it here.  Why not go ashore, you ask? Why not?

Well, I’m still tired from yesterday’s malaise and the day before’s long hours and struggle to get from Toronto to a ship docked at Seattle. And I guess I’ve seen a lot of port sides and seashores and coastal towns and mountains and pine trees and I’m not quite surfeited but certainly satisfied. I have a lovely view of Wrangler from the library windows.  Later when I have coped with some of my homework, I will join my ravel companion in Horizons, the bar at the top of the ship, also overlooking the harbour, and she will introduce me to a Hendrickson’s gin with smashed cucumbers.

Travel is so broadening. 

May 26, 2017